Workout for Sore Shoulders

  • Exercises that allow you to gradually roll back the negative consequences of a shoulder trauma or age-related problems with shoulder joints and ligaments.

  • When done on the regular basis, reduce pain and restore shoulder functions to full extent.

  • FREE, but please, do not copy.

An Introduction

Keep your back alive: revert age-related changes in your back.

Fair warning.

Exercises in this tutorial are generally speaking, safe. But with due enthusiasm one can do a lot of damage, provided his/her medical condition requires softer approach. Please, consult your doctor before following the tutorial.

OK, now when the legal issues are out of the way...

How should we exercise?

Shoulder is the most complex mechanical structure in our body, and it is easy to damage, too. Generally speaking, when a soft trauma or age related damage is present (which means that nothing is broken or torn apart), a stardard treatment would be reducing pain and inflamation, then to begin gentle exercises, with little or no weights (we use 1 kg weights).

We are going to work with muscles called "rotators", as their tonus affects an overall adjustment of our shoulder. If they get week, the entire construct goes off balance.

Exercising shoulder in a way described in this tutorial minimizes risk of additional traumas and improves the condition of a shoulder, due to a soft self-massage.

If you are interested in numbers, statistically, the risk of a trauma for body builders (!) performing these exercises is reduce by about 80%. Itf a trauma (or age related changes) is already present, these exercises will help you to reduce it almost to zero.

It is important to do the exercises regularly, especially if you have chronic shoulder problem.

What is in this booklet?

Three (yes, just three!) exercises to help you with your shoulders. They are useful to rehab an injured joint and / or to reduce the risk of a future traumas. As I mentioned above, we will focus on "rotators" - some small muscules responsible for rotating a shoulder around the shoulder bone.

All exercises should be performed with small (1 kg) weights or with no weights.

Exercise 1.

Can be performed with your hand parallel to the floor, in two versions. First, your elbow uses no support. Second, if you are not comfortable with the first one, use support (usually, some common furniture) for your elbow.

As was mentioned, 1kg weight is ok for almost anyone. If you are an advanced body builder, you can try 2-3 kg at your own risk.

Do two sets of 20-30 exercises, for each shoulder. Note: we recommend doing exercises for both shoulders even if only one is injured.

Exercise 2.

Initial position on your side, at the edge of a bed.

Do two sets of 20-30 exercises, for each shoulder.

Exercise 3.

This exercise is similar to the previous one, except we use the upper hand, and therefore, the muscles work in the opposite direction.

Do two sets of 20-30 exercises, for each shoulder.

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